Inala Technologies

About Inala

Innovation through technology has always been the hallmark of Inala Technologies, a company whose expertise originally focused on the complex fields of electronic engineering and telecommunications. Today, these industries are recognised as the world’s leading sources of new technology brought about by a continuous process of innovation. 

Inala is a South African company founded in 1996 but with roots that go back much further and that include the design, manufacture and commissioning of operational equipment for South African mobile and fixed line operators. 
Today, in addition to its own products, the company represents and supports many of the world’s leading suppliers of telecommunications, power solutions, unified communications, broadcasting, audio visual and test and measurement solutions. Inala’s continued innovation initiatives also include designing and integrating custom solutions to fill the gaps and to better address end-user needs.

Electronic engineering and telecommunications have become the cornerstone of industry, business and social interaction. If you’re in Africa, there’s a good chance that your last cell phone call will have gone through some piece of Inala-supplied equipment or been dependent on one of the company’s solutions in other ways (e.g. remote infrastructure monitoring and management, alternative power solutions and many more). 
 It’s important to remember the difference between products and solutions. A product is just a tool whereas a solution uses one or more product to deliver the desired result. Inala offers both. That includes advice, consultation and support. With regard to the latter, irrespective of their source, all products are installed and maintained by Inala in order to provide customers the quality, speed of support and peace of mind they have come to expect.

Inala’s headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa with a regional office in Cape Town and a presence in Durban, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC and Tanzania.