Inala Technologies

About Inala

Inala Technologies is a South African company founded in 1996 but its roots go back much further. Continuity of expertise and professionalism are two of the hallmarks of Inala with a core management and staff complement that has stayed loyal throughout the company’s rapid evolution in the challenging world of high technology. This continuity of purpose has also led to supplier loyalty and an increasing degree of customer satisfaction (with a consequent increase in market share) over the years. Central to the business operations in South Africa is Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), a state driven process for redressing the economic disparities of the past. Inala is an audited Level 4 BEE company.

Inala’s success is largely due to its ability to innovate and to provide a trustworthy solution platform for its customers in the technologically advanced hotspots of local and global telecommunications, energy management and broadcasting excellence.

Inala is head quartered in Johannesburg, South African with a regional office in Cape Town and a presence in Ghana, DRC and Tanzania.

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