Investor Focus on Inala

Sustained growth in emerging markets offers attractive investment opportunities to international investor yet successful investments require local knowledge and expertise to overcome the risks associated with complex trading conditions present in emerging markets.

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Sandton Convention Centre
1-2 October, 2015

Higher ROI from Ballard fuel cell powered backup.

Ballard Power Systems’ fuel cell solutions are clean, reliable, quiet, economical and have been deployed worldwide for critical backup power applications. The ElectraGen™- ME system provides power on an extended runtime basis  for telecommunications and related network applications.

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New-technology Energy Storage Platforms.

Imergy's paradigm-shifting Energy Storage Platform (ESP) fits as seamlessly into a remote village as it does into a large-scale commercial application. Cost savings and ROI are deep and fast. Scaling up is simple and inexpensive. Smart technology ensures efficient consumption. And the sustainable design meets today’s highest standards for responsible energy systems. 

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Remote BTS Monitoring & Management.

SAM is a highly cost-effective BTS monitoring and control system designed to assist you to get the most from your costly GSM network assets. One way to do this is through sustained traffic density resulting from the early detection and rectification of equipment and infrastructure failure before they become service-affecting.

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