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The Inala site monitoring platform is a cost-effective standards-based intelligent IoT monitoring and control system, designed to optimally manage distributed energy infrastructure assets.

The effective management of such assets via local monitoring, measurement and control improves uptime, optimizes asset efficiency, manages operational risks and reduces operational expenditure.

'You cannot manage what you cannot measure'.



The platform includes multiple I/O ports, an intelligent (and easily configurable) logic engine, and multiple intelligent interfaces.

The heart of the Inala site monitoring platform is a palm sized intelligent controller which manages all systems necessary for optimal site operations.

Designed for use in extremely challenging environments across multiple sectors, the platform is adaptable and includes features to manage virtually any set of distributed energy infrastructure assets.

The Inala site monitoring platform is designed to work together seamlessly with the web-based Inala site analytics platform.



There are three models of the site monitoring platform designed for applications of differing complexity:

  • Inala Pro: Fully featured platform supporting all functions required to manage complex distributed energy infrastructure assets.
  • Inala Lite: Includes the same firmware capabilities as the Inala Pro, but supports fewer alarm I/O signals.
  • Inala Compact: Includes the same features as the Inala Lite, but with a smaller form factor - intended for use where space is limited.

All three models have the same set of feature-rich firmware functions. The Inala Pro and Lite models are typically used with a number of connected peripherals and sensors, whereas the Inala Compact model is typically used in configurations where only serial/IP links to connected peripherals are required.


Core Features

High reliability: All components have been designed for use in emerging markets and harsh remote locations, and have passed laboratory tests under demanding temperature, humidity, vibration and transport simulations.

Connectivity: Supports multiple flexible inputs and outputs which facilitate the monitoring and control of a wide range of equipment, as well as open interfaces to permit rapid integration with third-party systems (including Ethernet, IP to Serial pass-through and serial RTU MODBUS master).

Asset optimisation: Includes asset management functions designed to optimise the lifetime of installed equipment whilst minimising operational costs.

Site management: Includes features to manage all communications, power and environmental aspects of a site, including intelligent communications with local peripherals (serial/IP).

Equipment management: Includes integrated functions to manage typical distributed energy infrastructure assets including diesel generators, renewables, fuel tanks, fuel cells, energy storage systems, security systems, environmental control systems, metering systems, and others.

Rapid installation: All aspects of the Inala site monitoring platform are designed to facilitate rapid and efficient in field deployment (for both new and retrofit sites).

Centralized configuration: Configuration for all Inala site controllers is centrally managed from the Inala site analytics platform.

Remotely upgradeable: The firmware for all components is remotely upgradeable.

Communications failover: Industry leading, field proven failover algorithm which ensures best-in-class connection uptime.

Flexible mounting options: Rack, wall and pole mounting options are available, along with a “no case” option.

Configurable logic engine: Includes an advanced and easily configurable logic engine which may be used to implement complex custom local intelligence functions.

Hybrid control: Supports comprehensive hybrid control functions, including the ability to manage up to two redundant generators, two fuel tanks and two battery banks.

Cooling control: Supports comprehensive cooling control functions, including free cooling control and air conditioner control.

Intelligent controller interfaces: Supports communications with a wide range of third-party intelligent controllers, including generator controllers, fuel cells, battery controllers, rectifiers, inverters and meters, all via MODBUS.

I/O expansion units: I/O expansion units are available for connection to the system in order to expand the number of supported inputs and outputs.




Inala site analytics is a state-of-the-art enterprise software platform which facilitates the efficient centralized management of a multitude of distributed energy infrastructure assets through their entire life-cycle.

The effective management of distributed energy infrastructure assets results in increased uptime and more efficient resource use, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

‘You cannot manage what you cannot measure.’



Designed by an expert team, with over a century of experience, Inala Site Analytics is field-proven remote monitoring and control solution, designed to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by fleet operators, utilities, carriers, tower operating companies, and industrial process operators when managing their estate of remote assets.

By combining advanced monitoring and control along with cutting-edge data analytic techniques, the Inala platform enables operators of remote assets to drastically reduce operating costs, improve up-time and evolve their investment as demands change over time.

An Inala intelligent controller is installed at each remote asset and connected to the equipment that is to be monitored or controlled, using a variety of sensors. Our intelligent Site Controller communicates with the Inala server over 2G and 3G cellular networks, satellite and Ethernet.

The Inala Server hosts a database, reporting engine, easy to use web based user interface and an option mobile application.


Core Features

Monitor: Data, as well as alerts and alarms, are sent from remote assets to a central server. If required, and filtered by severity and escalation path, information can also be sent via e-mail and SMS, allowing operations staff to stay on top of performance, no matter where they are. As monitoring demands change, additional sensors and new assets can be easily added to the system.

Predict & Schedule: As well as providing a clear audit trail for SLA compliance, access to historic data, the Inala patform allows for better decision-making. Operations staff can predict maintenance, service and refuelling requirements more accurately, and therefore schedule timely intervention, maximising asset up time, and reducing operating costs.

Control: Supporting remote control of a broad range of asset types, the Inala platform ensures optimum operation is maintained. Generators, chillers, compressors, process input and output, and other assets can be operated remotely from a control room, allowing start and stop, mode change, or on/off commands. A wide variety of problems can be solved without the need for an expensive site visit and preparedness for any catastrophic event is maintained.

Analyse and Report: As well as providing a clear audit trail for SLA compliance, access to historic data, Inala Site Analytics facilitates better decision-making. Operations staff can predict maintenance, service and refuelling requirements more accurately, and therefore schedule timely intervention, maximising asset up time, and reducing operating costs.

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